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Evaluation June 9, 2010

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For this module we were put into groups, there were four different colour groups that were made, Red, Orange, Green and Blue. I was put into the red group with 15 other people, I had only ever spoken to  couple of these people which made working with them slightly difficult at the beginning as no one knew each other.

During our group meetings we had many ideas come out and no one was scared to put their views and ideas forward, this helped us slowly get to know each other, as the term grew on and we started to spend more time together so did our friendships and we realised how well we got along with each other, this made it very comfortable and easy to work with each other.

Once we had all our different ideas together we started to work on different job roles within the TV studio, this was so that each of us got to see what part of the studio we liked working in and this then led on to us pitching why we wanted a particular job role and why we thought we would be best for it.

I believe that everyone who got the job role that they first pitched for was well suited for the job, as the production went on we realised that some people had to be re assigned their job roles, this was mainly due to attendance issues and how we couldn’t actually rehearse in the studio without them, this therefore caused some awkwardness within the group when they came in and knew we were being serious about replacing them.

We had a rehearsal in the studio every week, this helped us know what things worked for our show and what things needed to be changed, this included when one thing was changed how did it work with the rest of the show, we also had our guests come in as much as possible so that we could get all our timings properly.

As we neared the date to film live we managed to all go in for some extra times to complete our task 3. This was lots of fun however when we were put in front of the camera we all pretty much forgot what we were saying and this just made us want to keep re filming it. I think this made us lose time on what we should have actually spent going through the piece of work.

After one of our meetings a few of us decided that we would go set shopping, the people that came along were the people that tended to turn up to every session and who were willing to spend more time on the production to make sure we passed. We managed to have a laugh shopping and found it was a real good team building exercise in which we all enjoyed and went away knowing we all achieved getting to know each other better. During the set shopping we realised that it would have been good to have the whole team there as we found some things that we were unsure whether to buy or not and didn’t have the whole teams input on the final decision, this made me feel like we were not letting them have the choice where it was more their fault for not wanting to come with.

During our final assessment, I found it very hard to concentrate as soon as the lecturers came in, this is because even though I was treating it like our last and final rehearsal that had to be amazing, I felt pressurised that everything was going to go all wrong. However after the first run through I managed to calm down and get the lighting to plan and everything seemed to be okay until we had some problems with the graphics machine. Although we had some problems I think the show as a whole went really well and I am looking forward to getting our grades.

I think if we could do the show over there is very little I would change, one major thing that I would change was the groups, I think if the people who hardly turned up weren’t in my group we would have had everything sorted much quicker and then had more time to make sure everything was perfect. I think I would also change the wallpaper we had in the fashion/performance area, this is due to the fact I had many problems trying to get the lighting right without it bouncing off the paper.

Overall I really enjoyed this module and thoroughly enjoyed working with the group, I have made many new friends and have had a real good time.


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