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Group Proposal June 9, 2010

Filed under: 113MC — annajocelyn @ 8:57 pm

Our programme idea is a summer themed show, to show our audience what great, fun activities they can get involved in over the summer.  Our shows theme is quite loose, which means we can discuss a great variety of things including the 2010 World Cup to the top festivals to the trendiest festival fashions.

One of the great selling points about our show is that it is relevant, when we film our actual show it will be summer and everyone will be looking forward to finishing university to relax and enjoy the next few months, so our show has the perfect timing to show people exactly what is happening this summer.  Also because we are able to have a great variety of topics it means that our show isn’t targeting one particular gender group, we can have the football mainly for the males and the fashion mainly for the females, but both these items and all the others can easily be enjoyed by both genders if we make them so that they don’t target one in particular.  The topics we chose to include were mainly what you immediately think about when you consider how to spend your summer, but we have included items that some people may not have thought about.  For example, many people don’t always think to attend a festival during their summer holidays but our show will show them what types of festivals are out there; affordable and with a great variety of music acts.

Our show will appeal to a wide audience and although we would love to see our show broadcast on television the same as other magazine shows such as The One Show and This Morning, as it is only a student production at the moment we would most likely broadcast around the buildings in our university, online on our own website and even in local pubs if they were willing. All of these would definitely reach our target audience, which is predominately students and people our own age.


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