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Running order June 9, 2010

Filed under: 113MC — annajocelyn @ 10:48 pm

For every production you need a running order in which helps the producer and the director know what is going where and how much time they have for each section, for the red show we created one of these, ours can be found below.

1. Titles (12secs)

2. Presenter’s Introduction

3. Menu (16secs)

4. World Cup Discussion

5. World VT (1min)

6. Home or Abroad Debate

7. Festivals Discussion

8. Festival Camping Essentials VT (2min)

9. Fashion Discussion

10. Competition VT (1min)

11. Cocktails Discussion

12. Cocktails VT (2min)

13. After Eights Discussion

14. Britain’s Got Talent VT (20secs)

15. After Eight Challenge

16. Post After Eight Discussion

17. Presenter’s End Show

18. Music Performance

19. Credits


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