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3 Inspirations May 18, 2010

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My first Inspiration to how I live my life is Green street, Otherwise known as Hooligans. When I first watched the film I loved it, it wasn’t until the second time I watched it that it made me think. There is a part in the film where a character called Pete shouts stand your ground, this made me realise that you have to stand for what you believe in and don’t let others lead you away from it.
Near the end of the film Pete dies and there is a monologue by another character called Matt, he talks about how Petes life taught him to stand his ground,but his death taught him when to walk away, this showed me that no matter how much you believe in something, sometimes you have to give it up or give up on people who keep trying to pull you away from that.
The film made me think, you can’t go in the past and change things but you can live a brighter future and lead on in remembrance of everyone who has ever helped you or been there for you.

The second thing that has inspired me a lot during my first year of University are the Coventry Cougars. They have inspired me to try everything at least once, after spending the year with them its like having a mini family that are there for you no matter what.
They have taught me that you only live once, and if you try everything once you find that you can do things that you didn’t know you could do, you can enjoy new things and you can build up your self-confidence. Without them I think I wouldn’t be as confident with myself as I am now and I would never think to try to live life like everyday is my last.

Another person in my life that has inspired me since I was a little girl is my mother, she has always encouraged me to follow my dreams, study what I want and try to get every experience out of life that I can.She is there to back me up on all my decisions whether they are good or bad, she lets me make them. She is always there to give me advice and she inspired me to follow my love of media and helped me choose the right university in the right city.


Final Letter to self

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Dear Past Anna,

I am very well thank you, going through some difficulties but nothing too major.Times have changed a little but not too much, I think I have changed alot though, all in good ways though. I feel more confident and outgoing, I’m also more comfortable in my own body, but you don’t have to worry as I still always have a smile on my face. 🙂

I am always here for people still, an many people still come to me for advice. I am afraid to inform you that I still bottle things up, but I’m learning and getting better at sharing things with people I trust.

You will be delighted to know that I have just two modules left, and I haven’t failed a single module on the course so far. I have had so much fun, joined some clubs and societies and also learned things I never thought possible of myself. I have made so many new friends, even a couple of really close friends, mainly Lisa and Lorna, they are the most amazing friends you could ever have and I love them to pieces, they are helping me realise I need to talk to people when something is up and I can’t just bottle it up inside of me.

Life is as simple and as good as back then, the first year of university has flown by so quickly, I now can’t wait to start my second year, learn in particular areas of the media and live with the girls.

Hope you are well

Anna Jocelyn ….. x


Under represented Groups in the media May 17, 2010

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Above is a snapshot I took from a BBC site –

It is an article about a gay couple being turned away from a B&B.

In my opinion I don’t think that gay couples are represented in a good light or much at all in the media, I cannot see anything wrong with gay couples, this could be due to many members of my family being gay and me being brought up around it. The only press coverage I have ever seen about Gay couples are the articles that cause alot of arguements within the public, these usually have things to do with gay couples wanting to adopt, gay couples wanting to get married and gay couples wanting a room together in a hotel.

To me this is out of order, why can’t gay couples adopt or get married, they are just like any other person and the children will probably learn more from them as they will grow up not thinking gay couples are bad. If I ever get to work in the media, I would like to make a short film, documentary or even an article showing the public how gay couples are just like any other couple and to show how they should be given the same rights as any other normal couple.


Extra-Curricular Activities

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This year I have been part of two extra-curricular activities; The Christian Union and Cheerleading, each one has made me look at life a little differently and I have learned so much more from doing these activities.

Christian Union has shown me that there are many students that have the same beliefs as me, but also has helped me see how I can have a good time while out, they have shown me how I can make friends on my course but at a higher level who I can then go to for help with things on my course. Since being a member of the Christian Union I have found how to get so much more out of my days, with daily bible readings as well as my university work I have found how to put both into my daily life and how I can spend a certain amount of time on each one without falling behind.

I have found so much more discipline since joining the Coventry Cougars Cheerleading Squad, I have found that I have to listen to so many more people than you would expect, I have to listen to what the coach is saying and make sure how I do particular stunts is okay with the rest of the stunt team I am working with. I have found that I can work with others really well, this includes people that I don’t really know and people who I don’t particularly get along with. Since being with the Cougars I have found that people do listen to your ideas and when someone is doing something wrong or could do something better t make it easier for them then we should tell them, this is so that we can stop people from getting hurt and helping each other along.

Overall I have really enjoyed my extra curricular activities and I plan to carry them on next year, I feel like there still is alot to learn from these activities.


Gideon Coe – Coventry Conversation

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Gideon Coe has had a very successful career in the radio, and has recently signed up to be a member of the Coventry University’s Source radio, this is one of the reasons I came to see this conversation. I listen to source alot and have recently been on it as a guest, I wanted to come and find out what he found so interesting in the radio.

He started his career studying Culture, Communication and Media, which I found very interesting, this is mainly because I always thought to go anywhere in the media you had to study a practical course like media production. After hearing how he became into the radio world, I realised that it was not the course that you study that gets you into the media but the passion you hold inside of you and how much your willing to learn in your own time to get yourself into the media.


Goemon May 15, 2010

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Kakera- A piece of our Life There are films you love, films you hate and films that, quite frankly, leave you more perplexed than Dubbya-Dubbya and his bumper book of Sudoku. This one is likely to fall into that latter category for many people as Momoko Ando’s directorial debut is something of an enigma, but if you’re willing to unfold the creases of your mind, you might just come away with a smile.

I wanted to start this piece with a string of the films and directors that have clearly inspired the film, and whilst one might be inclined to suggest more than just the delicacy and vibrancy of Wong-Kar Wai (in particular Chungking Express) or even similarities to the female-female relationship at the centre of Ji-Woon Kim’s ‘A Tale Of Two Sisters’ (don’t let its ‘J-Horror’ tag fool you), to do so would be to remove the essence of Kakera- A piece of our Life and to replace it with something less unique, more generic and undeniably Hollywood, ultimately fuelling a presupposition that in all likelihood would not represent the film with complete honesty. So, with that in mind I would like to instead offer this man’s thoughts with the hope that any subjectivity here is simply the by-product of a mind unfolded.

Based loosely (80% is supposedly new material written solely for the screen) on the 1996 manga ‘Love Vibes’ by Japanese manga artist Erica Sakurazawa, Kakera is the story of Haru, a quiet college student in a loveless relationship with a character designed to dislike, and Riko, a young prosthetist with a penchant for the women and something of a ‘Yandere’ character, who meet one day, quite by chance, in a cafe. Riko shows an immediate interest in Haru and this simple encounter is the catalyst for the entire film.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is that it is peppered with little gems of wisdom (perhaps the most inspiring being the idea of not wasting any opportunity for the fear of not getting another one – carpe diem if you will) and is often conducive to helpless smiles (just see if you don’t when you see Haru prodding Riko’s bum). On the other hand, it also invites you to share in the frustrations born of feeling trapped (you’ll see just that when Riko joins Haru on a couple of occasions at college socials).

There are several instances of subtle visual rhetoric that will, should you find them, reward you with a more complete viewing and give you food for thought for the trouble. One such rhetoric, however, is so glaring and unrealistic (a ‘soda-pop’ bottle is thrown into the air whereupon it transforms into a two-headed dove (!?) and flies away) much of the audience gave audible smirks of disbelief.

As for the questions asked…Well, really there is only one, but the point is to find it for yourself and if you find others, all the better. Admittedly, this can sometimes be frustrating and certainly there were members of the screening audience that didn’t see this even by the time the credits rolled, but these questions, even if just allusions to them, can often enrich a cinematic experience – thank you, Coen Brothers.

So for anybody with an interest in Japanese culture, this film will do you proud. Whilst this is no tourist advert (the cast is tiny (and thus not representative of a cross section of society) and the locations drab), fans of cinema and culture-enthusiasts alike will enjoy the little flourishes of genius and the fact that it’s simply a Japanese movie, respectively. For everybody else, go see it and let it open your mind. Sometimes a question is better asked than a question answered.


Shinjuku Incidents

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Jackie Chan has been known to audiences worldwide for his spectacular, comedic and  stunt-filled martial arts. Well, now in this movie, Chan gets to show off acting chops as    well, with a few kicks and punches thrown in as well.

The setting and story are surprisingly solid and well done. The movie paces along in a  brisk pace (courtesy of director Derek Yee), and is gripping throughout. The  cinematography is beautiful at times and gritty at others, showing Tokyo as a whole. And  it’s fun to see Japanese and Chinese spoken a lot in this film, really pulls you into the film  further.

While the level of violence is the highest than any other Jackie Chan movie (there is  graphic brutal violence in some action scenes), the total amount of violence is  surprisingly little, with the majority of the film dealing with the characters’ trials and  tribulations. There are some fight sequences, but don’t expect Chan to do his usual thing;  at times he’s down to earth and makes us genuinely feel for his character, at times he is  directly brutal. This film is NOT for the easily disturbed.

The acting is above average. Chan delivers a standout performance, an illegal worker who tries to protect his kinsman by gaining respect by and protecting themselves from the Yakuza. Another great performance comes by Daniel Wu, a fellow immigrant who gets his innocence lost… the hard way. The two love interests and the detective also get props too.