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Research – Task 3 March 22, 2010

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For Task 3, I asked several people if they would recommend priory hall to future students or not, this was so that I could include some of their answers into my google map description. I knew that there were many students that I knew that would not for a mixture of reasons. Below is a snapshot of some replies I got from asking people if they would or would recommend future students to priory or not and why.


Task 3 – Google Maps

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I plan to create a small map of Coventry on Google maps, I then placed placemarks on the map to show different places in Coventry that current students would advise future students to avoid. I had to take some pictures and Videos to show people where I meant and also to show people some of the current students opinions.

I started by going onto, and then creating a new map, i then looked for the palces I planned to colect photos and videos of and put some placemarks on the map. I changed some of the placemark icons to suit each place, for example for my car park I changed the placemark icon to a car.

Above is a snapshot of google, this is the site that i had to sign up too in order to create my map.

Above is a snapshot of a new map, from here I can place markers and show people where things are that they should avoid, I can also zoom in to a particular part of the map and give everything a description.

Above is the part of the map that I am going to use, it is part of coventry and shows all the places I am going to include on my map of places to avoid. I have edited the name of my map and the scription to help show people what the map is about.

Above is a snap shot of how I changed the placemarks on the map, this is the one that I changed to a car because it symbolises a car park.

Above is a snapshot of my flickr account, to include pictures on my google map, i had to have the pictures on an online application, I thought flickr would be best as I am already signed up for it and the upload is an easy task to cpmplete.

Above shows an example of how the pictures will be uploaded onto my google maps.

Above shows me capturing my footage on adobe premier pro, from here i then edited all the different pieces together before exporting them too youtube.

Above you can see a snapshot of my fotage being uploaded to youtube, this is so that I can link it straight to my google map.

Above you can see an example of how I uploaded my videos to my map.

Above is a snapshot of my completed map, from here you can find 6 places where current students would tell future students to avoid.


Task 2 – Many eyes March 18, 2010

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For my second task of my 112mc module, i was asked to collect data about certain aspect of student life, I decided to look at the usage of facebook within student lives, I thought that this would be an interesting subject as I found when I came to university to become a student I spent more time on Facebook, also when i questioned a few of my friends what they spent their time on facebook doing none of us really knew.

I decided to create a group on facebook with a questionnaire on, I then added people who I knew were at uni studying different things, some universities included Coventry, DMU and Sheffield hallam. This meant I had a mixture of students a over the UK and a mixture of results.

Below are two screenshots of the facebook group I created,one of the actual questionnaire and one of peoples responses to my questionnaire.

This one is the screenshot of the questions that I asked the group to answer for me.

This is the screenshot of people answering my questions.

Once I had 10-20 people answer my questionnaire I decided to put it into a spreadsheet, this was so that I could then upload my data onto, which is a website designed to help visualise data that you have found. Below are several images, which show spreadsheets and manyeyes.

Above is a screenshot f the spreadsheet that I created to hold all my data together. I used many headings to help break the data up a little.

Above is a snapshot of the manyeyes home page, once you have logged in this is the page you get directed to, from here I clicked on create visualisation.

The above snapshot shows the page that gives you many options on what visualisation you want to use.

Above shows part of manyeyes where I uploaded my data from the spreadsheet, this was so that manyeyes could then put it into a visulisation.

Here you see my spreadsheet ready to be copied onto manyeyes, this is so that i didnt have to re enter all my data.

Above shows you the information after it has been pasted into manyeyes, as you can see the site automatically sets it up like a spreadsheet again below where I entered the data.

Above is my data being showed on manyeyes after it has been uploaded.

Above is a snapshot of the manyeyes visualisation, however with my spreadsheet I could not get my manyeyes visualisations to work, this meant I had to go back to my spreadsheet and start again.

Above is an updated version of my spreadsheet, I decided to delete the column that told you how many people had answered the questionnaire, i also deleted the Gender list. I felt that Gender didnt really fit inmuch with my questionnaire.

Above is a snapshot showing all my new set of data uploaded onto manyeyes.

Above is a quick look to make sure that the manyeyes data that I inserted definatly worked.

From here I found that using manyeyes I could interlink 3 of my questions together to help me come up wit many diferent conclusions.I found from this research that Facebook is not always common with all students, I also found roughly what people id spend their time doin whhile on facebook.
Below are some links to some  of my results.

Link between how many hours are spent on facebook in a day, how many wall posts are left a day and how many facebook friends people have that they don’t know.

Link between hours spent on facebook, how many times you “like” a status and how many wall posts you leave a day.

Below are some of snapshots of some of the links I have found, there are many more that can be found, but I thought \i would show 2 or 3 that help represent my data the best.


Task 1 -Workings March 1, 2010

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I used Wordle and photoshop to create some images that would show people different aspects of my life and the statistics of my life. Below are some pictures and explanations on how I created my slide show of my statistics.

Above is a picture of photoshop, this is the application that I used to create the majority of my images,I used photoshop mainly to create the collages and to insert text onto my images, this helped show the audience the statistics of my life.

Above is a screenshot of photoshop showing the process of how I placed an image onto the blank canvas. I went to the main file menu and selected place, this then took me to my files and folders so that I could choose what images i wanted to use. This happened for every picture that I wanted to place onto the canvas.

Below are some images and descriptions of my work and how I created them, I am just showing how I created one piece as most of them were created the same.

Above is a Screenshot of my files and folders being open, the folder that is showing is the folder that I collected my pictures from for the wedding picture. I looked through the pictures and chose three that I thought would go well together to symbolise my statistic of being a bridesmaid at my step brothers wedding.

Above is a screenshot of the first picture that was placed onto the canvas. It is a picture of my step brother and the bride, I thought that this would be a good representation of the wedding.

Above is a screenshot of the second picture that I placed onto the canvas, it is a picture of the three bridesmaids and the best man.

The Above picture shows that I cropped the bridesmaid picture down to just me and the best man, this meant I had room for the last picture that I wanted to include within this picture. I also had to bring the top picture to the front so that it stood out more, I did this by right clicking the picture and selecting the highlighted option.

Above is the screenshot that shows the last picture that was placed onto the canvas. It is a picture of the brie being walked down the aisle by Graham.

The above screenshot shows that I cropped the picture of the bride, so it shows only her, I also expanded it so it filled up the space that was left. On this picture I have highlighted the text tool ready for me to use it.

The above screenshot shows how I had problems with the text tool, as I typed nothing actually showed, when I highlighted it I found that I had typed but the pictures seemed to be placed on top of the text box, which meant the text did not show.

Above is how I solved my problem with not being able to see the text, I realised if I sent the picture to the back then the text would appear on the top, this was a small problem that was easy to solve.

the above screenshot shows how I changed the font of my text, I changed the font as I found with a different font it would be easier to read.

The last thing I realised that I needed to do was change the colour of my text as you could not see it in the first colour very well.


Visualising statistics about my life … Final February 23, 2010

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In the above link you will find a slide show of my pictures that I have created using Photoshop and online tools such as Wordle.

The pictures I have included all show you a little something about my life, from my hobbies, to my course and to my nights out with friends.


My Life in statistics Drafts February 2, 2010

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Below are 10 Photos and captions on them that describe my life and some of the statistics in my life. These are only drafts at the time being.


First Visualisation January 31, 2010

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I created a questionnaire on Facebook asking people about their facebook usage rates varying between a day and a month, below are some of the results I collected within my research.