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Recce December 14, 2009

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Below are some locations that we thought about using, there is also a short description on why we thought they would be good to use.   

gate by cathedral

 This is the gates by the cathedral, we thought it would be good to shoot a scene here because it looks quite scary and we can play apon the fact its dark an the way the bars are there. This can help us show the fact its a nightmare.  

UnderpassUnderpass from outside

 We thought that this underpass would show a scray atmosphere for the ending of our film where she uncovers the mans face and find out who has been stalking her, We thought that when it got drak it would show the lights on in there only and help build tension within the audience.

Here are some pictures of a park, we thought that the benches would be good to use for the masked sittig on bench reading a newspaper scene and the rest of the park would be good for a scene wherehe follows her.

park bench

park bench and path

Below are some pictures of random streets by the cathedral, we choose the streets more than the others because they looked quite old and dark after a certain time, this helped us build tension, also some of the streets had buildings in which we could include the masked man in.

cathedral street

cathedral street

cathedral street

cathedra street

gloomy cathedral street

cathedral street

cathedral street

below is a picture of an archway we found down one of the cathedral streets, we though this would be good for the masked man to walk out of and to be hiding in.

archway on cathedral street

archway on cathedral street