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Finally Finished June 11, 2010

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Just thought I would leave a last blog post for now, saying I have finally finished my first year of university, I havent failed any modules, and feel really confident about the last module. I really enjoyed my first year and Cannot wait to return in October.


Shinjuku Incidents May 15, 2010

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Jackie Chan has been known to audiences worldwide for his spectacular, comedic and  stunt-filled martial arts. Well, now in this movie, Chan gets to show off acting chops as    well, with a few kicks and punches thrown in as well.

The setting and story are surprisingly solid and well done. The movie paces along in a  brisk pace (courtesy of director Derek Yee), and is gripping throughout. The  cinematography is beautiful at times and gritty at others, showing Tokyo as a whole. And  it’s fun to see Japanese and Chinese spoken a lot in this film, really pulls you into the film  further.

While the level of violence is the highest than any other Jackie Chan movie (there is  graphic brutal violence in some action scenes), the total amount of violence is  surprisingly little, with the majority of the film dealing with the characters’ trials and  tribulations. There are some fight sequences, but don’t expect Chan to do his usual thing;  at times he’s down to earth and makes us genuinely feel for his character, at times he is  directly brutal. This film is NOT for the easily disturbed.

The acting is above average. Chan delivers a standout performance, an illegal worker who tries to protect his kinsman by gaining respect by and protecting themselves from the Yakuza. Another great performance comes by Daniel Wu, a fellow immigrant who gets his innocence lost… the hard way. The two love interests and the detective also get props too.


Sophie’s Revenge April 15, 2010

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Chinese starlet Zhang Ziyi’s first foray into the contemporary romantic comedy genre is a mostly successful one, due in large part to her own rather wonderful performance. The story may be somewhat run-of-the-mill, but with plenty of cash behind it, some sure-footed direction from Eva Jin Yimeng and a colour palette to rival SPEED RACER, SOPHIE’S REVENGE offers plenty to enjoy.


Coventry Cathedral February 18, 2010

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I went into the Cathedral and had a look around, I went into the gallery and managed to speak with many different people. I found out so much more about the blitz and the history of the cathedral during the blitz and when it was rebuilt.

The Cathedral is faced to the north pole, this is strange for a church as many churches and mosques are pointed towards Jerusalem, the person who built the cathedra;l however said if the went traditional and faced the cathedral the right way then

Within the main room of the cathedral you have the tapestry which is the biggest piece ever made within the UK. It is nearly the same size as a whole tennis court and it took 12 weavers 3 years to complete it. The tapestry has become the most powerful symbol of the cathedral to embrace new and improved ideas. It is meant to be the christ, this was unrolled and put up before the community that worshipped there, I met one woman who was actually in the service when the piece was put up, she explain to me how amazing it felt to be there and part of history, she also told me how they placed it up wonky and how they had to re place it a few times. The Stained Glass windows within the Cathedral help give the cathedral a glow, if you go to the front of the building by the tapestry and look back at the windows, each section is meant to represent something of your life; one section is meant to show your middle-aged life time, another your teenage years; the fun but difficult time in your life, and another is meant to show your childhood. I think that having this in the cathedral is quite strange, you wouldn’t really think about it until you are told what each section is meant and then you compare it to your own life.

There is another set of stained windows too, these were made in sweeden and show the message of going out into the world and sharing God’s message.

Downstairs is a Gallery, in here you find several things that were saved during the blitz and also a lot more information about the blitz and what went on. I spent a few hours down here looking at the items and talking to people about the history. There are 3 candles which one man picked up on his way out just before the cathedral got blown up. I met one man who was 6 when the blitz happened and he was actually in the cathedral when it was blown up, his Mother, Father and brother did not survive, one of the solders who escaped the cathedral heard him crying and went back in to save him, The man I spoke to has got the trophy his hero got for risking his life to save the boy as the hero later on died. I found out that his uncle and aunts were living in another part of Coventry and they all died too, he told me how he was a war orphan and how he really didn’t mind, he also told me about his travels around the world and how he met his wife.


Levi Strauss – Binary Oppositions November 20, 2009

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A narrative is stronger and easier to understand where opposites are used to contrast. This helps identification in the short time taken by a film narrative (like stereotypes) with soap operas the continuous open ended narrative allow more complex representations and character development to help characters seem more real and rounded.

For instance:
Good – Evil
Innocent – Guilty
Clean – Dirty
Light – Dark
Past – Future


Barthes – Enigma Code

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The enigma code referes to the setting up of questions/puzzels (enigmas) which the audience want to see resolved b the end of the film.

This fulfills many functions, e.g a trailor makes the audience want to see the film to find out waht happens having been shown tantalizing glimps of the film. Or another example is a cliff hanger at the end of a soap opera ensures the audience want to watch the next episode. And finally the last example is a film could start with enigmas to engage the audience and make them want to invest their time into seeing the questions answered.


Week 7 Individual task

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This week’s lectures and seminars have all been about Genre and my task this week is to look into a particular genre and conduct some interviews to find out what the audience likes and dislikes about the Genre I choose.


I decided to look into Animated Comedy; I decided to look at Family Guy, American Dad and Simpsons.


All Animated Comedies have certain elements that are the same, these include:
The way all the programmes I’m looking at all follow families in everyday life, How these 3 programmes follow everyday issues, many Animated comedies include many sexist jokes, also they are all animated, also with the 3 programmes I’m looking at you have a full family with a child of each sex and a mother and father. In many animated comedies you have the father as the main character and they are nearly always stupid or obsessive.


Each object have certain elements that make it different from the rest;
Family guy – Each episode is focused on a particular character, The family have a talking dog who is rather entertaining and is obsessed wit the mother of the house. The baby of the family is obsessed with world domination and killing his mother as he is certain that he is going to be put back in his mothers womb, the daughter of the family is always shown like an outcast and everyone always thinks that she is a guy or completely ugly, even her own father thinks she is his son.
American Dad – the family have an alien that acts like a son to the family and the whole show is focused on the father figure and the rest of the episodes are just evolved around him.
Simpsons – this programme focuses on school, work and pubs within the family life. you have a younger sibling who is really smart which makes the older child bad as he caves attention, Simpsons is the one animated comedy that most resembles real life.


With every Genre the audience will get a different perspective to other people within the audience. This usually depends on the gender, age and class. In my opinion I think Males aged 15 – 25 would enjoy animated comedies more than females overall. This is because I think guys will appreciate the sexist jokes and innuendoes quite funny whereas women may just find them offensive. I also think some people can find animated comedies like a stress relief but quite immature.


There are many pleasures that an audience will get from different genres, in animated comedies give the audience laughter, stress relief, amusement and in some ways make them feel young again as they are animated.


I asked a few people what they liked about animated comedies and what they disliked.
Like – They are funny, animated, the people in them can get away with things that we would get away with in real life, makes me laugh, little adventures that happen within the episodes, the way children want world domination and how the main father figures in the programmes are just brilliant.
Dislike – They can be too childish, they use unfunny subjects, all the families in animated comedies tend to turn towards religion, especially the ones created in the USA, they all include blokeish humour, some have speaking animals and human-animal relationships which is just disturbing.