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Competition – VT June 9, 2010

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Below is our VT for the competition, however this copy has no voiceover on it, our final piece had one of the presenters reading out the question the answers and how to get in touch.


Cocktails – VT

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Below is our cocktails VT


Festivals – VT

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Below is out festival VT


Football – VT

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Below is our football VT.


Menu – VT

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Below is the VT for the menu we created.


Titles – VT

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Below is the VT we created for our titles.


Module Questions

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At the beginning of the module we were given a set of 4 questions that would help us reflect on what we have learnt from this module, Below are the questions followed by my answers for each question, where applicable I have included some links of websites that I have used.

Why are studios used to make programmes when tape is so cheap and available?

There are only a handful of programmes that use studios, without these shows, many of the programmes we watch on television day-to-day would be exactly the same. If you had a programme that always changed location you just wouldn’t be able to create a particular atmosphere that could work every single episode. Using a studio helps keep a sense of relaxation and helps keep the comforting homely atmosphere of many programmes such as This morning and The one show.
Being in a studio helps to control a main programme, being situated in one place helps to be able to move into other parts of the show and helps to use a variety of items which help to keep the audience interested. Studios often tend to have many different sections in which they can use to help break up the set and have different topics throughout the show. For example, This morning have separated their set into at least 3 different sections, they have their main stage in which the presenters sit and everything is very homely, they also have a kitchen area and a performance stage. (
Being set in a studio  is good for magazine shows like The one show, this is because if there is a big news story they would be able to easily cover it, however if they weren’t set in a studio this would cause some problems as they would have pre recorded it and not been able t show any news as the news that they would have recorded could have been outdated by the time the show is on air. (

What are Magazine Programmes? Why Do audiences like them?

There are two different types of magazine programmes, there is specialist and general, a specialist show is one like Top gear, where the whole show is about one particular subject, for instance Top gear is all about cars, whereas a general show is basically a show with a general topic, nothing is about one particular thing. Magazine programmes are made up of a numerous items, these are different depending on the type f magazine show it is, for example, Top Gear would have several items that are about or based on cars (
There are many items that magazine programmes can be made up from, these include; demonstrations,  Topical debates, performances and Discussions.

Audiences tend to like Magazine shows because they tend to know what to expect, someone who doesn’t enjoy cars most probably would not watch top gear as the whole show is about cars. In a general show they cover many topics which appeal to many different people, because of this content the audience can see what to expect in each show. Also as magazine programmes do rely on audience participation it helps the viewers feel more connected to the show and helps them like and watch the shows more. Many magazine programmes are shown during the day which makes them real easy to watch and connect to, this is good for the audience who like to sit and relax at lunch time and just watch something easy-going.

What are the limitations of magazine programmes? How can they be improved to ensure they continue?

I believe that specialist magazine programmes are more limited that general shows, this is because they are specialised on one particular feature they are more likely to rn out of ideas and items to use within the show and are more likely to become repetitive. Each episode should try to keep to a particular theme, this is so that you don’t end up with too many opposites which may end up ruining the show for many viewers.

To ensure that these programmes continue I believe that the shows should make sure they are always up to date with all the latest news and affairs, I also think that they should make sure they keep the sets and the whole presentation of the show in the current times.

As these shows do cost a lot of money, I believe that there may end up a time when they will be just cancelled, for our show we created we had many crew members as well as guests come in, this always puts a lot of stress on the director, also because shows are filmed live there are many different things that could go wrong. For example when we were filming our show live the graphics machine messed up and we had half the show with no graphics and the other half with the wrong graphics, little problems like this would cost a company loads and would also make the producer re think about whether it is worth to keep on the television.

Consider other sources of distribution for magazine type shows

Many things nowadays are available on-line. I think magazine shows that are shown on ITV  should be made available on ITV player, this means that the ratings would be boosted up loads.

Also many people use youtube to show off their work and to keep an eye on others, you are able to subscribe to channels if you really like their work and this ensure when a new episode or video is put up you are able to view it. If magazines shows went onto youtube they would receive many hits and be able to have their viewers leave comments under each episode to say what they liked the most and what they didn’t like, this means that the producer would see what the viewers want more of and less of.